Cristofaro DiNoto

Electrifying the Push to a Zero-Emission Future

My branding concept was chosen for my cohort’s Graphic Design Capstone exhibition. I chose an eclectic aesthetic that combines digital photography and hand-drawn illustration to reflect the variety of alternative solutions presented by the class. The logo represents the alternative paths or choices that can be made in order to fuel more creative solutions and generate change.



Senior Graphic Design Capstone project at Central Michigan University

Electric vehicles are an essential factor to a zero-emission future.
If you can plug in your phone every night to charge, why not plug in your car? An alternative solution to reducing Earth's carbon footprint is electric vehicles. The growth of electric vehicle technology has resulted in longer ranges per charge which translates to spending less time and money at the gas station. With the electric grid available almost anywhere and the number of public charging stations growing; there are numerous options for charging electric vehicles. As the concern for global warming rises, it is time to make the switch to electric and accelerate the push towards a zero-emission future.